In Need Of Stump Grinding? Tree Services?

For over 15 years, J & K Lawn & Tree Service in Jonesboro, AR has been providing quality tree trimming, stump grinding and lawn care services. With years of experience and a hardworking team, our team is more than capable of handling your tree-related issues and lawn care service need. We also lay sod and do land leveling! We truly are a jack-of-all trades! Read more about our services below.

Stump Grinding

Having a stump left behind can be unattractive as well as a hazard in your yard. Let J & K Lawn & Tree Service remove that for you.

We can remove large or small stumps and leave your yard hazard free as well as looking just as great as ever. For more questions about our stump removal service, please give us a call at (870) 897-1329.

Tree Services

Trees can also be a hazard as well as need upkeep in your yard. J & K Lawn & Tree Service offers various tree services for you including, tree trimming, tree limb removal and shrub removal.

Our experienced team works skillfully to remove the tree. If you're needing to prepare for storm season or just needing to provide basic upkeep to your yard, we can handle it.

  • - Lawn Mowing
  • - Landscaping
  • - Leaf Blowing
  • - Lawn Treatments

  • - Stump Grinding
  • - Tree Trimming
  • - Tree Limb Removal
  • - & More

  • - Perfect For Camping
  • - Home Fireplaces
  • - $65.00 a rick
  • - Excellent Quality

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